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  • Reclink 2015 Footy Grand Finals Alice Springs.

    Reclink Australia is a non profit organisation whose mission is to provide and promote sport and art programs for people experiencing disadvantage. Established in Victoria in 1990, Reclink Australia operates nationally providing over 4500 activities and 80,000 participation opportunities for disadvantaged Australians annually.

    The 2015 Reclink Footy Grand Finals took place at the TIO stadium Treager Park. It was a fun day of footy with the young kids of Clontarf kicking off in the morning and then the senior players taking to the field for the CAAMA Cup.

    The Cottage All-stars where too strong this year taking out the CAAMA Cup with the final against Amoonguna Crows.

  • Brothers Show 28-08-15

    This week the Brothers Show discussed leadership, what the word means the different ways people can be seen as leaders within the community. We had the opportunity to sit down with some Brothers to discuss being a strong leader.

    Boe Spearim all the way from Brisbane, called into the CAAMA studio for the Brothers the show. Boe is a young Aboriginal man from a long line of strong vocal Aboriginal campaigners, and he shared the importance of youth standing up and leading the way into the future.

    An old friend of CAAMA and the Brothers show graced us with his presence, Aboriginal Olympic athlete Patrick Johnson. Patrick has represented Australia at the highest level on multiple occasions and is the current Australian record holder for the 100m sprint. Patrick discusses what needs to be done off the track to empower the mob.

    And last but definitely  not least Luke Carroll a well known Aboriginal actor who has starred in The Man From Snowy River, Water Rats and the hilarious Stone Bros. Luke was also in attendance at the AMSANT training course and he discusses what being a leader means to him.

  • Despite the goodwill of the PM – reality is a little different !

    Bernard Charlie photo courtesy Gen One

    The Cape York Aboriginal leader who told Prime Minister Tony Abbott that the disadvantage his people face is appalling and unacceptable …says the reality of Government and business really wanting to help still has a long way to go .

    Despite years of effort by Governments to help close the health gap…. Northern area Peninsula Mayor Bernard Charlie says his people are still dying too young.

    Mr Abbott told the mainstream media entourage traveling with him that he is determined to ensure Aboriginal people are first class citizens …but Mr Charlie says although it was great to have the Prime Minister on country to see first hand the range of issues impacting on his people … . there is still the problem of how Aboriginal and Islanders are really seen by the wider Australian public.

    Listen to the full interview with Bernard here :


  • NT beach receives heritage and culture award.

    The 2015 clean beaches program recently wrapped up earlier this month, recognising communities who strive for a cleaner more sustainable coastal environment.

    Garig Gunak Barlu National Park in the Northern Territory was nominated for the Keep Australia Beautiful Northern Territory Clean Beaches territory title, and was a strong contended for the National Title for 2015.

    But unfortunately for the Territory Guilderton beach in Western Australia was announced the overall Clean Beaches award winner, but Garig Gunak Barlu National Park was recognised for the strong connection to culture winning the Heritage and Culture award.

  • Science: It’s For Everyone – No Matter What Your Background !


    photo courtesy:

    Dr Misty Jenkins, the first Australian Aboriginal student to attend either Cambridge or Oxford university in England, has used National Science Week to remind children that their dreams are achievable.

    Dr Jenkins, whose scientific area of expertise is researching white blood cells that fight infections, and particularly in cancer, is also part of an initiative that encourages opportunities for opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to attend the universities.

    She has also called on parents to instill confidence in their children from an early age, and to let them know they deserve the same opportunities as other children.

    Misty joins Mikaela Simpson on the program.