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  • Aranda Elder Defends Sistergirls at First LGBTIQ Meeting

  • Brothers

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    It’s Friday again and you know what that means YES YES another episode of BROTHERS and on this weeks show the topic is the Alice Springs Pride Carnivale, to talk more about it, we are lucky to have a Brother from the Tiwi Islands Jason De Santis come on the show and talk about the things he gets up to down in the city being a play write, comedian, gender illusionist and performing on stage in a production that he has writing which has been touring all around the Country, trying to crack the international stage.

    Also on the show CAAMA radio’s very own Justine Fenwick who is also performing at the Pride Carnicale, in his first show in a few years.

    If you want us to tell your story or you would like us to talk about a topic that your are passonate about, let us know by sending us an email at or drop by and ask for Damien Williams.

  • New York… New York …. good luck IMP squad from CAAMA


    The passports are organised, suitcases are being packed and checklists being checked; the time has finally arrived!

    The squad is just days away from arriving in Sydney before jetting off to the Big Apple.

    It has been a whirlwind six months for each member of the squad. Reflecting on their very first camp in Canberra, that training run was the furthest most had ever run in their lives – 10km for the women and 15km for the men.

    Fast forward hundreds of training sessions, one-on-one time with the foam roller, and slowly making friends with the dreaded ice bath, and the New York Marathon doesn’t know what’s about to hit it.

    The squad of 10 personifies resilience, dedication, humility and unwavering determination.

    Well done and good luck from  all of us here at CAAMA.

  • Dawn Fraser Shares Her Connection With Aboriginal Community

    Australian Olympic Hero Dawn Fraser dropped into CAAMA Radio while visiting Alice Springs for the 2014 Masters Games Competition. CAAMA Radio Broadcaster Mikaela Simpson sat down with the sporting champion and gold medallist to talk about her connection with the Aboriginal Community and people of Ntaria.

  • My journey has been about finding who I really am….Que Kenny !

    Que Kenny caama pwphoto