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  • Love Thy Neighbour



    It’s that time of year again when Neighbours get to know each other. We’re not talking the season première of the new season of the TV show, which is now in its 30th year by the way! We’re talking about connecting with the person over the fence.

    Neighbour day was established after a string of elderly people were found in their flats, apartments and homes thought to have been left dead for over 2 years!

    We lead such busy lives and Sunday March 29 allows people to slow down and stop and think, get to know their neighbours and make sure they’re okay.

    Neighbour day is a great way to connect with and learn more about your neighbours. Now in its twelfth year there is set to biggest yet with over 40,000 participants this year nation wide! Even here in the territory! To find out more information or where you can join in the neighbourly fun! Head to www.


  • BROTHERS 27-03-14

    Men’s Sheds

    ‘Men don’t talk face to face, they talk shoulder to shoulder’.The Men’s Shed association was established to provide support and representation for men’s sheds across the country at a service and Government level. The Men’s Sheds provide a supportive and comfortable environment generally through construction or restoration, helping men to discuss their wellbeing.

    On Today’s show we had the opportunity to chat with Gary Green the community engagement manager for the Australians Men’s Shed Association and Mal Crowley from the Ltyenties men’s shed in Alice Springs. The guests discussed Men’s Sheds at a community and  national level.

    Men’s Shed show


  • Aboriginal Children Feel The Wrath Of Australia’s Hard Justice System

    Tammy solonec

    Photo Courtesy:

    Nearly 200 children have been locked in police station cells in Western Australia’s Kimberley in the past three years, according to freedom of information documents… The children who were remanded in custody after being sentenced to detention in Perth, were held in police lockups in Broome and Kununurra while waiting to be flown to the city… But is locking up young children a pragmatic solution or does it violate the child’s right?

    Joining Mikaela Simpson on the program to discuss this further is Tammy Solonec, Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Manager at Amnesty International

  • Traditional Owners Showcase their Knowledge of Watarrka Country


    Traditional owners of Watarrka (Kings Canyon) happily shared their cultural knowledge with the visiting ranger groups and workers who attended the 4day long ranger camp. On show were traditional bush medicines from the region, spear throwing, bead jewellery making, clap sticks and a traditional shelter demo.

  • CLC Ranger Camp Group Photo’s – Watarrka National Park – Kings Canyon NT

    After the welcome to country the 13 ranger groups gathered on the lookout for a group photo opportunity.