RIBS Broadcasters

CAAMA remote network shows live weekdays from 2pm To 4pm CST

Program broadcast in following languages

Arrernte (Eastern/Central & Western)





Wumpurrarni English*






Jonathon Doolan

Jonathon Doolan is the primary broadcaster in Utju/Areyonga. He is very experienced and knowledgeable and his first language is Yankuntjara. Jonathan loves his reggae music. He has also set up his own band in Areyonga called “Utju Band” and has been successful in...

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Jason Bill

Coming Soon

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Stanley Roberts

CAAMA RIBS would like to welcome back Stanley Robert who is currently the primary broadcaster at Papunya. Stanley has had a break from radio but is very excited in getting his voice heard again in the remote outback. With a newly built studio and a new digital desk...

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Gary Mumu

Gary Mumu is the primary broadcasters in Imanpa and has been pumping his Country tunes (the Gary Mumu show) through the CAAMA Network for over 5 years in language. Gary lives in Imanpa with his wife Sheila and his children. You can listen to Gary on Wednesdays at 2pm to...

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Phillip Alice

Phillip Alice is the primary broadcaster at Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa). Born and bred in Santa Teresa, Phillip is a proud Eastern Arrentre man who is much loved and well respected elder in the community. As a previous RIBS Broadcaster and after a 20 year absence from radio, Phillip...

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Debra Claude

Debra Claude is the primary broadcaster for Titjikala. Titjikala is her homelands where she lives with her husband and children. Debra is employed at the Titjikala Shire and has been there for over 10 years. She enjoys being a RIBS Broadcaster and playing some of her favorite...

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