Strong Voices 7-05-2021

7th May 2021

A member of a senior advisory group which is planning to co-design an Indigenous Voice to Parliament says local Aboriginal groups in Alice Springs will form an important part of how the voice works.

Walbunga woman Marcia Ella Duncan said there was a rich and diverse point of views from public so far from 70 meetings with groups across Australia.

Ms Ella-Duncan spoke to CAAMA’s Philippe Perez about the consultations and today’s public session.


On April 8, the Northern Territory Water Controller granted private company Fortune Agribusiness a licence to use 40 billion litres of water per year for 30 years for free to irrigate farming operations on Singleton Station, near Ali Curung, south of Tennant Creek.

The CLC and ALEC strongly oppose the licence which was granted despite opposition from native title holders and a lack of scientific data to understand the long-term environmental, social and cultural impacts of the development. The Central Land Council and the Arid Lands Environment Centre are appealing the decision under section 30 of the Water Act.

The Arid Lands Environment Centre’s Policy Officer,Alex Vaughan, is talking with Josef Jakamarra Egger.


A new book by Professor Jane Lydon, from The University of Western Australia has raised significant and ongoing issues about the truth of colonisation on Australia and its impact on Aboriginal people.

In her book Anti-slavery and Australia: No slavery in a free land?... Professor Lydon brings together the histories of British and Australian colonisation to explore how society can learn from Australia’s colonial past.

Professor Lydon examines the importance of the legacy of British slavery for the colonisation of Western Australia, and the reasons why this history has been overlooked.

Professor Lydon is talking with Paul Wiles...