Safer Internet Day 2021 – ‘Start the chat about online safety’

9th Feb 2021

Today marks Safer Internet Day 2021, which aims to “start the chat about online safety”. All Australians are encouraged to help improve online safety at work, at home and within their communities, and make every day a Safer Internet Day.

Donna Alexander who is the Acting Director, Security and Compliance Outreach at Australian Digital Health Agency spoke with CAAMA's Josef Jakamarra Egger of the importance of online safety awareness.

By sharing your experiences and encouraging online awareness, you can protect your family, workplace and community from cyber threats – for example reporting suspicious online activity or taking the six steps for simple digital self-defence;

For Safer Internet Day, the Agency will release a podcast focusing on online safety and raising awareness of how to manage your digital footprint. You will learn how to find what information exists about you online, which will assist in protecting your identity and minimising the risk of your information being used in future ‘social engineered’ cyber-attacks. This podcast will be suitable for all people, including families and those who work in healthcare, and features an expert from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

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