Making a difference - OAMS

20th Jan 2021

CAAMA's Josef Jakamarra Egger speaks with the Chief Executive Officer of the Orange Aboriginal Medical service, Jamie Newman, about the impacts COVID-19 has had on his organisation.

OAMS is about making a difference to the health of Aboriginal families and the wider community of Central Western NSW. OAMS started in 2005, as a self determined Aboriginal organisation with a vision to be a leader in health and in the community.

With a whole of life approach to health, OAMS provides health services from antenatal, dental and a range of health programs, all delivered in a culturally sensitive manner. With a large number of clients, plus the majority of Aboriginal people in Orange using the service, OAMS is helping to ‘Close the Gap’ in Indigenous health.

" The most constant thing in Aboriginal Health, is Aboriginal people " - Jamie Newman, CEO of OAMS (Orange Aboriginal Medical Service)