Congress assures the vaccine is safe for Aboriginal people...

1st Apr 2021

The CEO of the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress says the rollout of the COVID-19 Astrazenica vaccine is an important step for primary health care and Aboriginal people in the centre.

Donna Ah Chee received her first vaccine at the COVID clinic on Gap Rd in Mbantwe Alice Springs along with other senior members of the community including Michael Liddle , Sabella Turner and Paul Ah Chee.

Ms Ah Chee acknowledged there were concerns within the Aboriginal community about getting the jab, but assured that the procedure was safe.

Mr Liddle especially encouraged those in remote communities to contact Congress for more information on getting their COVID-19 vaccination.

Clients can call 1800 570 688 to make an appointment at the Congress town vaccination clinic on Gap Rd. For more information, ask at your usual clinic or visit

For more information on COVID-19 vaccinations in English, visit

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