CAAMA News 6-4-2021

6th Apr 2021

In today's bulletin:

* Funding from the Indigenous Advancement Strategy has been questioned after it was revealed in Senate Estimates last week that taxpayer dollars were being sent to companies already with millions in revenue and profit.

* Traditional owners and Aboriginal Victoria representatives visit a sacred Aboriginal site that has reportedly been half destroyed for a path.

* Another Aboriginal death in custody - the fifth in a month - has been recorded in Western Australia.

* A four-year-old girl with autism, who was missing in the remote Central Australian desert for more than 24 hours over the Easter Weekend, was found after an extensive air and land search.

* NT Member for Karama Ngaree Ah Kit said she is concerned over the impact that chroming in her electorate.

* Territorians are being urged to look out for each other when camping and when in waterways in remote and coastal areas.

* And in sport, the CAFL’s men’s competition will keep its five-team format after Ltyentye Apurte / Santa Teresadecided not to pursue entry into the competition.