CAAMA News 19-04--2021

19th Apr 2021

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In today's bulletin:

* Traditional owners say the Western Australian government's decision not to prosecute a mining company for allegedly destroying a sacred site in the Kimberley and exporting granite from the site to China has caused distress for their community.

* A study conducted by Monash University found that children in Australian primary schools are capable of discussing racial issues, but are being silenced by their teachers and parents.

* A charity is aiming to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians with a culturally safe space for them to find support for their mental wellbeing.

* The South Australian coroner has handed down 12 findings after an inquest into the murder of nurse Gayle Woodford in the remote community of Fregon.

* Alice Springs Deputy Mayor Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has called for a permanent police presence to reduce residents taking out justice through "tribal payback" traditions.

* The Territory government say they will refurbish non utilised parts of Don Dale as part of a $5 million package.

* An NSW Aboriginal women's legal service says a proposed domestic violence law aiming to criminalise coercive control could have unintended consequences for Aboriginal women.

* The NT Health Minister Natasha Fyles has said it would be unlikely that the territory would have mass COVID-19 vaccination hubs.

* The Paartjima Festival has wound up over the weekend in Mbantwe Alice Springs - the festival featured light installations, films featuring Aboriginal stories, workshops and talks recorded 23,220 attendances this year – up from 17,000 last year.

* And all the latest from sport.