CAAMA News 16-4-2021

16th Apr 2021

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In today's bulletin:

* The Territory Gunner Government has given in principle support to the recommendation from the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 12.

* The Territory experienced the biggest jump in the unemployment rate of any Australian jurisdiction, according to the most recent job figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics data released.

* Experts will investigate the reasons behind the death of a 48 year old woman who experienced blood clots after receiving her AstraZenica COVID-19 vaccine.

* Federal Territory CLP Senator Sam McMahon has criticised the Territory Gunner Government, saying it is nowhere near meeting its commitments to the Barkly Regional Deal.

* Agencies aiming to reduce incidents of sexual assault and violence have come together at Mbantwe Alice Springs to talk to the public about the issue.

* Another actor who has worked on Neighbours' set has alleged the show had many incidents of direct and casual racism.

* Two mosquito borne diseases have been detected in the Territory's Top End and the Barkly region.

* The remote communities of Yirrkala, Arawerr, Mungkarta, Gan Gan and Wandawuy will have their connectivity boosted with upgraded bandwidth and NBN access technology

* The Paartjima Festival winds up this weekend, with latest attendance figures so far seeing 12,000 visiting over the past week.

* And the latest in this weekend's sport.