Yuendumu is doing fine....... how Coronavirus is affecting a remote Northern Territory Aboriginal community !

7th Apr 2020

Many Aboriginal people living in remote communities are concerned with the ongoing impacts of the Coronavirus.

CAAMA Radio's Josef Egger spoke with local Yuendumu community member Louanna Williams to see how her community is dealing with the threat of the COVID-19

Louanna Williams, a Walpiri woman tells Josef currently in the community of Yuendumu there are no positive cases of Coronavirus COVID-19.

People who are concerned, and or showing signs and symptoms of coronavirus, have been advised to stay at home and call up the clinic by phone. Community members must maintain a clean and tidy house and regularly wash their blankets and clothes to avoid possible contact and spread of the virus.

The local stores are currently open allowing only a maximum of 20 customers at any given time. Customers must stand in a cue before entering, being mindful to maintain their social distancing. The shops currently deliver their stock on a fortnightly basis and at the moment there is enough food and supplies to support the community.

The local schools are currently closed and all children have been sent home to be with their families. Parents and families have been encouraged to create activities for their children to keep them stimulated and happy. The schools will be closed until further notice.

The roads into Yuendumu have been closed with exception of the health bus service and other essential services. The Health bus service which transports patients to and from Alice Springs for medical treatment, is vital for the likes of renal patients and individuals dealing with pre existing health issues. These people are at most risk and must be adequately cared for.

People who choose to leave their community and go to Alice Springs for non-medical reasons, must ensure that they do their (2 week) self isolation quarantine before returning to their communities.

Currently the community members of Yuendumu are doing well under these trying times.


Josef Egger.