Why racial profiling continues to impact negatively on Australia's First Nations women !

2nd Mar 2020

First Nations human rights campaigner and Noongar academic, Dr Hannah McGlade says despite an international push to end violence against women ..the rights and safety of First Nations women in Australia have been ignored and they are still experiencing racial stereotyping, which can negatively affect their experience of justice.

Since graduating from Law school in the 1990's Dr. McGlade has initiated and supported many cases promoting Aboriginal rights. In 2016 she was appointed the Senior Indigenous Fellow at the United Nations OHCHR and in 2020 begins her appointment with the UN Permanent Forum for Indigenous Peoples, representing the Pacific.

Dr McGlade, co author of a new report which looks at First Nations women’s deaths outside of custody including domestic violence incidents, missing person’s cases and hate crimes across three colonized countries says Aboriginal people have always insisted on a truthful account of history... and what is still being done to them today.

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