“We want to keep our Elders strong, they’re our voices the backbone of this Nation.” - Norbert Jakamarra Williams

13th Aug 2020

Norbert Jakamarra Williams is a Warlpiri man who is living in Melbourne during the Coronavirus lockdown. He speaks to CAAMA Journalist Josef Jakamarra Egger about his experience with the lockdown and why it is important.

Jakamarra explains in the midst of the stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne it has brought not only concern but also frustrations, saying “This is a deadly virus and people should take this serious.”

Facemasks are mandatory and people who are caught not wearing them are issued with a fine of up to $1600.

Jakamarra urges community members to “stay safe, stay in communities. Look after each other, look after community…He says if you are a young male or female you can catch the virus and not have any symptoms, but you can pass it on to the elderly where they are vulnerable and can really get sick or pass away. We don’t want that.”