“We need to educate our young people.” .......Lurtija Elder Sammy Butcher.

15th Apr 2020

Highly respected Lurtija Elder and lead guitarist from the legendary Warumpi Band, Sammy Butcher - shares his thoughts about how his community of Papunya is coping with threat of Coronavirus.

Currently the community of Papunya is doing okay, but Mr Butcher is adamant that the younger generations need to be made more aware of the potential threat and danger Coronavirus COVID-19 presents.

We need to educate our young people.

Mr Butcher expressed concerns of the lack of accountability of their back-roads, which are often used as means of passage to neighbouring communities. This not only makes it extremely difficult to monitor who is travelling, but puts people’s lives at risk. Mr Butcher is currently in communication with local police.

The community store is open with plenty of food and supplies for the community members and the local school has been closed. Safety is the most important thing.

Mr Butcher has urged community members not to go to town, “stay in community and be responsible, for the sake of us, and others.”

Sammy Butcher is talking with Josef Egger