The Codes 4 Life: Maintaining First Nations Connections To Country and Culture

26th Jun 2020

Concerns continue to grow from many male elders in remote First Nations communities in and around Central Australia. The fear that many young and middle aged Aboriginal men are slowly losing their connection to culture and country has sparked the development of a program designed to stop that loss of connection by Aboriginal leaders from these communities.

The Codes For Life Program facilitated by Alwayerre man Michael Liddle and Anmatjerra man Wayne Scrutton along with the help of other facilitators who senior male elders from the remote communities where the program is run, to ask the hard Questions around why too many of their young men are slowly but surely losing what their ancestors fought so hard to pass down and keep strong.

CAAMA’s Damien Williams spoke with Michael Liddle about Codes 4 Life and how he hopes the program may help.