Tangentyere Council: Keeping Contact by Delivery Food

28th Apr 2020

With the Coronavirus causing wide spread shutdowns of youth Services across the country, many programs around Mbarntua Alice Springs also shutdown. One of those services was the Brown Street drop-in-centre that is run by The Tangentyere council, which offered young people from Alice Springs and surrounding Town camps a place to engage in youth programs, social activities such as Disco’s and sport, and for many a place where they could have a healthy meal.

But with the Covid-19 restrictions in place the brown street crew had to come up with a new way to keep in contact with the youth that participated with the drop-in-centre and one way they have done that is by keeping their food program running by having a food delivery services.

CAAMA’s Damien Williams spoke with Arthur Townsend the Manager of Tangentyere Council’s access to education division and he asked how the service came to be.