Stay at home- don't travel ! ................ Kevin Ungwanake Ntaria.

14th Apr 2020

Western Arrernte man Kevin Ungwanaka from Ntaria (Hermannsburg) shares his thoughts on how his community is dealing with the current threat of Coronavirus COVID-19.

Kevin tells Josef Eggers the community of Ntaria is currently going well, with no cases of Cornonavirus. Community members are keeping an ear tuned to the radio and listening out for updates. Community health workers are doing a great job at reassuring community members and keeping them up to date with COVID-19 news updates.

Community members have been encouraged to maintain a clean and tidy house and wipe down areas after use with disinfectant.

Shops are currently open and there are restrictions in place, allowing two at a time to enter. Community members must wait outside in a que before entering the shop. Individuals must be mindful to maintain their social distancing.

Schools have been on their Easter Holiday break and may return back to normal depending on the current state of Covid-19.

Kevin has urged people not to travel outside their communities and stay in one place at home. “People from other communities don’t come here, stay in one place”.