National Indigenous Fashion Awards 2020 - Goes Online!

7th Aug 2020

The National Indigenous Fashion Award recognise and celebrate the innovation, diversity and ethical practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and fashion designers, and provide a platform to showcase this to the world!

The Awards are supported by the Northern Territory Government, and emerged from the success of the Country to Couture fashion runway event held at the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair (DAAF) every August.

Forming an important part of capacity building for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creatives in the fashion sector, the NIFA will focus on outstanding work and practice, providing opportunities for growth through connecting award recipients to further pathways, resources and support.

“Showcasing vibrant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditions in new contemporary forms enables us to share the powerful stories which have connected Australia's First Nations Peoples to this country since time immemorial. Fashion is a medium which transcends cultural boundaries, and can be the vehicle to bring people together to celebrate Australia’s rich heritage and vibrant cultures.”