Living With Tourette Syndrome During Covid-19

5th May 2020

Every day life can be hard to navigate for the families of young people living with Tourette Syndrome and now with the added pressure of adjusting to a world of isolation due to Covid-19, many of those families are faced with a new set of challenges.

CAAMA’s Damien Williams spoke with Dr Shannon Morton a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist helps us understand what these families maybe going through at this time.

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Dr Shannon Morton is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with a special interest in treating young people who naturally exist outside the usual boxes and prefer to colour outside the lines. She is the Clinical Director of the “The Kooky Kid Clinic”, a multidisciplinary clinic with a difference in Brisbane, where humour and holistic, expressive therapies are used to celebrate differences, reframe medical symptoms and sufferings, and challenge stigmatizing stereotypes head on. She has previously worked in a Prison Mental Health Service, and spent many years working in a low socio-economic area, with many children with externalizing disorders in her practice.