Land Councils question opening of borders

1st Jul 2020

"Once there's an outbreak in the Territory there's no closing of this gap"

Over the past weeks the state of Victoria has seen a spike of positive cases of COVID-19. On Tuesday Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced Victorians living in hot spots, locations with high levels of COVID-19, would only be allowed to leave their homes for essential activities.

The rise in positive COVID-19 cases are continuing to raise concern for many, but despite the increased rates of coronavirus the NT appears to still be opening it's borders on July 17. Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner announced that people from COVID-19 hot-spots in Victoria are not welcome to visit the NT.

The Central Land Council (CLC) and the Northern Land Council are currently calling on the Territory Government to keep NT borders closed until transmission of COVID-19 has been eliminated in Australia. In a media release the CLC announced a number of measures they would like to see, including implementing a community engagement strategy.

CLC Deputy Chair Barbra Shaw shared the councils views on the NT's COVID-19 border measures with CAAMA Radio, stating the main focus needs to be the well-being of all territorians.

Ms Shaw said "This is not over, COVID-19 is not over, and the Government needs to at the end of the day take notice of what the land councils are saying".