Kumanjayi Walker Funeral Service

21st Oct 2020

Hundreds of family and community members came together in Yuendumu last week to celebrate the life of the late Kumanjayi Walker, who was tragically shot dead by police during an arrest attempt at Yuendumu in November 2019.

The week before the funeral was an emotional time for the Yuendumu Community with a gospel service held each night for those wishing to share their thoughts and prayers.

A memorial concert, hosted by PAW Media, was held to remember and celebrate the life of Kumunjayi Walker.

The funeral service held at the local basketball stadium on Saturday saw hundreds of family, friends and community members gather together in solidarity and ended when Kumanjayi Walker was finally laid to rest at the local cemetery.

The judge presiding over the court case will make his decision whether the trial will proceed to the Supreme Court on the 26th of October, 2020.