Flash new music video, One Point 5, shows our Mob how to keep safe from Covid-19

31st Jul 2020

Communication and events agency 33 Creative in partnership with NSW Health Centre for Aboriginal Health have announced the release of a new First Nations track, #OnePoint5, which is co-written by Aboriginal recording artists Nooky and Mi-kaisha and produced by First Nations media, to complement the NSW Government Keep our Mob Safe campaign. www.nsw.gov.au/resources-for-your-communi…/aboriginal-health

The track is designed to reinforce key messages to help keep communities, families and Elders safe and encourage the continued practices of social distancing, hand washing and wearing masks in public spaces.

Drawing strength from the Aboriginal cultural sense of family and community connectedness, the film clip is recorded in Sydney’s inner-city suburb of Redfern and features choreography directed by Yugembeh, Munanjali/Minjunbal, Gamillraay and Mer man, Darren Compton of Muggera Cultural Enterprise. #Keepourmobsafe