Concerns about coronavirus information flow to remote Aboriginal communities !

13th Mar 2020

Despite claims by the CEO of Northern Territory Health, Professor Catherine Stoddart that " probably the most vulnerable group of people to the virus in Australia are those living in overcrowded circumstances in remote communities " there has been little concerted effort to provide them with up to date information in their own language.

The Northern Territory Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Selena Uibo has acknowledged the Governments failure to deliver accurate, up to date advice and information in language and told CAAMA RADIO if community people aren’t exposed to relevant information it can cause panic or a further risk if people are exposed and don’t know what to do!

The Member for the Top End seat of Arnhem says she has had daily conversations with her own constituents about the corona virus and that Aboriginal media across the Northern Territory needs to be involved in the overall planning for the delivery of important messages…

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