CAAMA Work Experience 2020!

21st Sep 2020

Last week was special for CAAMA as it marked the start of Year 10 work experience. We were lucky enough to host two students, Pedrea Jackson and Hamish Milne from St Phillips College.

This week both students were given the opportunity to gain an insight and exposure to what working life is like, and what it takes to work in the Media industry. Both students got to learn about the rich history of CAAMA and each department, Radio/Music/Productions.

It has been a great yet challenging week where both students were thrown into the deep end and have managed to come out of this week unscathed.

We would like to thank Both Pedrea and Hamish for their enthusiasm and great work ethic, it is great to see the younger generation in action.

We hope all the best for their future endeavours and look forward to seeing the great things that they achieve.

If you are interested in work experience at CAAMA please feel free to call us on 08 8951 9700 or email