Alice Springs George Floyd Protest - Local Arrernte/Anmatjere woman explains

5th Jun 2020

A gathering for George Floyd will be held at the Alice Springs Court Lawns, at 2pm on Saturday the 6th of June, in support of Black Lives Matter, to bring attention to Aboriginal deaths in custody and overrepresentation of First Nations incarceration rates.

The gathering is organised by the Alice Springs Grandmothers Group.

Local Arrernte/Anmatjere woman and spokesperson of the Grandmothers Group, Patricia Ansell Dodds, tell why the the vigil is organised and invites all to attend, she urges protesters to maintain social distancing during the vigil and to keep the protest peaceful.

Mrs Dodds says that she has spoken to the police about the vigil, saying that while the police will attend they will not interfere.