Respected Centralian Elder says "do not westernise our cultural knowledge "

17th Sep 2019

Respected Arrente/Alyawarr Elder Rosalie Kunoth Monks has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Council of the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education.

Born in 1937 at Arapunya /Utopia station…. Rosalie remained on country before going to school in Alice Springs where she was discovered by film makers at the age of 16 and chosen to play the title role in Australia’s first feature colour film.

Rosalie went on to become Australia’s first Aborignal Anglican nun and remained in the order for 10 years before marrying husband and lifelong partner Bill Monks and returning to Alice Springs in 1970.

Addressing the 2019 Bachelor graduates… Ms Kunoth Monks shared her passion about the journey of the first Nations under colonization and stressed the importance of cultural knowledge and its place in contemporary Australia.

Listen to the full presentation and interview with CAAMA's Gilmore Johnson here :