New resources for schools to learn more about the Stolen Generations.

27th Mar 2019

A survivor of the Stolen Generations says the launch of new resources which will allow Australian schoolchildren to learn about the experiences of the Stolen Generations is both an important and significant step towards reconciliation.

The Healing Foundation has launched new lesson plans and resources about the Stolen Generations which can be used by students from grade one to nine. The lesson plans were created by the Healing Foundation in consultation with the Foundations Stolen Generations Reference Committee, teachers and curriculum developers.

CAAMA radio spoke with Florence Onus, a survivor of the Stolen Generations, and a member of the Stolen Generations Reference Committee for the Healing Foundation.

To mark the launch of the resources, The Healing Foundation is offering grants of $700 for schools to hold Stolen Generation events between National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC week this year.

Image: supplied by the Healing Foundation.