More than $4 million dollars of Aboriginal superannuation located

24th Jul 2019

Hundreds of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory and Western Australia have been able to access more than $4 million dollars in unclaimed superannuation funds.

The reuniting of peoples super was due to the First Nations Foundations Big Super Day Out. The event is an outreach program helping community members locate and access lost superannuation.

The First Nations Foundation is a charity which provides financial assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Last week around 30 volunteers including Government departments, superannuation funds, financial counsellors and lawyers travelled to Darwin, Kununurra and Broome.

Amanda Young CEO of the First Nations Foundation

Amanda Young CEO of the First Nations Foundation told CAAMA Radio they are happy about the response to their first trip.

As a charity the First Nations Foundation has to raise its own funding, but Ms Young says they would like to receive Government funding.

Since it began in 2014 the Big Super Day Out has located lost funds of almost $19 million dollars for workers from 17 different communities.

The next trip for the Big Super Day out will be on August 19th 2019.

Amanda Young CEO of the First Nations Foundation.