Looking from the inside out...a new approach to reducing Aboriginal incarceration in the Northern Territory.

24th May 2019

The Northern Territory Corrections Commissioner  says the  Territory  is  not in a good spot as far as the massive over representation of Aboriginal people in its jails. He says what has happened previously has not worked and  things need to change.

 Scott McNairn, who started as N.T .Corrections Commissioner in October last year  has had a decorated career in both the army and correctional services and  was former director of operations for private prison company Serco at the Mt Eden prison in Auckland.

Commissioner McNairn says key statistical data says The Northern Territory has the worst rate of incarceration and the  second highest rates of imprisonment of Aboriginal people.

 Speaking on CAAMA Radio Commissioner Mc Nairn says while he has identified   key issues which  need to address the massive  over representation  of Aboriginal people -  it has to be a whole of government  approach if it is to work.

Commissioner McNairn spoke with Paul Wiles .

Listen here :.

Photo's of  Corrections Commissioner Scott Mc Nairn were taken at the Old Alice Springs Gaol.