How Kamilaroi/Dunghutti sisters are using social media to empower women and girls.

6th Jun 2019

Two Aboriginal sisters have created a social media page to celebrate the positive work of Indigenous women across the country and share their stories.

Speaking on CAAMA Radio Kamilaroi/Dunghutti woman Marlee Silva says she wanted to continue sharing the hard work of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander women following on from last year’s NAIDOC theme 'Because of Her We Can'.

Along with her younger sister Keely, Marlee Silva created the Instagram page Tiddas4Tiddas to inspire people from all over the country.

The page has grown quickly and now has over 10 thousand hits sharing posts on health, education, art, social justice and sport.

Ms Silva says despite Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people only making up around 3% of the Australian population, she says that non-indigenous people have to treat the problems of First Nation’s people as if they were their own.

photo - (from left to right) Keely Silva and Marlee Silva)