Healing roadmap for Torres Strait Island communities

2nd Oct 2019

Women, men, children and families on Thursday Island came together as one to create the priority action list that needs to happen in order for the community to heal.

At Thursday Island late last week the Kaurareg healing forum report was released, outlining the priorities of community members toward healing.

The report follows a partnership between three Torres Strait Island communities, Masig, Iama and Kaurareg with the Healing Foundation and the Mura Kosker Sorority.

Major issues identified included acceptance, keeping culture and traditions alive and the ongoing distress caused by colonisation.

Healing Foundation CEO Russell Taylor said ‘Torres Strait Communities have developed their own healing solutions with actions that ensure these reports do not sit on the shelf forgotten like previous reports'.

Elder and Chair of the Kaurareg Native Title Aboriginal Corporation Milton Savage says his people wanted to be involved in the healing forums in order to heal and to help others to heal.

Regina Turner President of Mura Kosker said the report is a beacon to government and service providers like Mura Koser to be able to see what the priorities are to help heal these families and communities.