Gangalu woman Taylah Griffin forges her own path to aerospace engineering

20th Mar 2019

Earlier this month a ceremony in the town of Areyonga recognised many First Nations people for their work in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, collectively known as STEM education. On Strong Voices last week we heard of a local school in Areyonga doing work to enhance STEM studies.

Another one of those winners was Gangalu woman Taylah Griffin who was awarded the Tertiary Student STEM Achievement award for her work in aerospace engineering.

She is also the first Aboriginal person to graduate in honors in electrical and aerospace engineering in Australia, completing her degree at the Queensland University of Technology. She currently works at Boeing Defence Australia as a systems engineer.

CAAMA’s Philippe Perez spoke to Taylah Griffin to learn more about her journey.

Picture: Taylah Griffin (credit: QUT)