CEO of Thirrili and Project Leader of the National Indigenous Critical Response Service talks suicide

8th Feb 2019

Australia has failed its young First Nations Peoples by failing to provide  adequate resources to  enable families to   help and manage their children's coping skills  in the type of  situations which have  lead to the current disastrous rates of youth suicide.

Project Leader of the National Indigenous Critical Response Service, Adele Cox had a chat with CAAMA's Erin Liddle about the recent suicides of young children aged between 10-15 years old. Ms Cox has questioned how young aboriginal children are being helped  to better understand mental health, and says Young first nation Australians need to be skilled and educated to to cope better with day to day life events.

Ms Cox is the Founding CEO of Thirrili and says one of the biggest challenges she has faced is reversing the mindset about suicide and mental health within Aboriginal Communities, so that suicide is no longer  the only  solution for young children who are unable to cope.

Ms Cox also touches on how your upbringing can impact on how you deal with certain life events.