Are black lives important in Australia ?

28th Aug 2019

First Nations Australians are now more likely to be jailed than African Americans .....while a quarter of Australia’s Aboriginal men born in the 1970s have served time in prison according to new analysis of official data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

In 2000, African Americans were jailed at more than twice the rate of First Nations Australians but in In 2017, African American incarceration rates had fallen below that of Indigenous Australians.

A Former professor of economics at the Australian National University before entering politics… … Shadow assistant Treasurer Dr Andrew Leigh says as a nation we need to recognize the social cost of mass incarceration.

Speaking on CAAMA Radio Dr Leigh says despite a fall in crime rates… incarceration had spiked by 130 per cent since 1985 and other factors are now contributing to increased imprisonment rates for First Nations Australians.

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