Adnyamathanha mob really do have something to celebrate....

1st Apr 2019

South Australia's Adnyamathanha people are  celebrating ten years of Native Title recognition over  of the Flinders Ranges. 

  Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association  CEO Vince Coulthard  says the 30th of March 2009 is a day he will never forget…. the day the Federal Court finally recognised what they always knew - the  Adnyamathanha are the Traditional Owners of the Flinders Ranges area.

Speaking on CAAMA Radio Mr Coulthard says   since  becoming owners of the Ikara Wilpena Resort in partnership with IBA. his people have increased  Adnyamathanha employment from nothing to 78% in the peak season last year.  

Mr Coulthard says there are currently  three Adnyamathanha people in managementpositions and three in supervisor roles.  With 130 Adnyamathanha people employed since they took over..

Listen to the full interview here :