Indigenous knowledge and science celebrated during National Science week

20th Aug 2019

An event which works with Aboriginal youth celebrating Indigenous and western science is helping empower and recognise first nation’s people’s knowledge.

Aboriginal peoples study of the sky, management of country, and how flora is used for bush medicine and making soap were some of the topics being explored at the Indigenous Science Experience at Redfern in Sydney.

The event is run by NISEP the National Indigenous Science Education program and was one of many science events held in Australia during National Science Week.

NISEP aims to empower Indigenous youth to reach their full potential by making them leaders of science activities in schools, universities, and community events.

During National Science Week CAAMA radio spoke with Associate Professor Joanne Jamie co-director of NISEP and William Frazer who is studying a bachelor of law and science and was a NISEP school student leader. He has been involved in the program since he was in year 7.