Aboriginal people have clinched a level of truth that white people know little about....Dr David Tacey.

18th Feb 2019

A retired  scholar and writer who tried  for years to  convince Australian academia  to introduce  courses on Aboriginal culture,  religion,  philosophy and the theory of knowledge … says the First Nations Peoples are miles ahead and white Australia can still take a few clues from them.

Emeritus Professor David Tacey  was born in Melbourne  but spent  his young adult life in  Mparwente Alice Springs growing up alongside Aboriginal cultures which  have had a lifelong impact.

Speaking on  CAAMA RADIO…. Tacey  who well known in the arts religious and psychpherapy  communities,and internationally, in the fields of spirituality studies, analytical psychology and psychoanalysis says  Aboriginal culture has a spirituality and a religious awareness far greater than his own culture.

 David Tacey is talking with Paul Wiles :

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