A different approach aims to get better data on alcohol consumption

2nd Aug 2019

Researchers hope a new app will provide more reliable data around Aboriginal alcohol consumption with current data reportedly failing to provide an accurate picture.

The Grog App is a program which aims to get better data on alcohol consumption by having Aboriginal people self-report on an iPad.

The App is in English and Pitjantjatjara and presents a range of culturally appropriate questions and pictures to gain an understanding of peoples drinking habits.

Scott Wilson CEO of the Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council in South Australia says those who participated in the trials reacted particularly well to the inclusion of the Pitjantjatjara language.

The App is currently in stage 2 of development, with data continuing to be collected in urban and remote South Australia.

Once completed the app will be made freely available to communities and their health services.

Adjunct Professor Scott Wilson and Dr Kylie Lee successfully applied for a 5 year grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council to develop the app.

Dr Lee says she would eventually like to see the app expanded to look at drug use.