WA Government Refuses Critical Economic Report on Fracking

11th Dec 2018

A briefing for Western Australian politicians on a report into the Economics of Fracking in the state, was cancelled the day before the WA Premier announced 5million hectares of the state to be opened for fracking...

Last month, West Australian Premier Mark McGowan announced an area the size of Tasmania to be opened to fracking.

The decision comes after the release of a 12-month inquiry, led by the chairman of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Tom Hatton which found a low environmental risk if the process was carried out safely. The inquiry did not investigate the economic impacts.

A briefing organised for WA's MP's on report called 'Economic Impacts of Un-conventional Gas in Western Australia' was cancelled the day before Premier McGowan’s announcement to lift the ban. The cancellation came from "someone near the top".

Defending the decision, Premier McGowan said the promise of potential jobs, investment and new energy that the onshore gas industry could supply, were reasons his state cannot turn their backs on the Fracking Industry.

But, Research Director of the report Rod Campbell from ‘The Australia Institute’ says, that statistics based on researching the east coast and Northern Territory gas markets suggest little benefit.

A fracking ban in the Perth, Peel and South West regions will continue and the Government, which will add the Dampier Peninsula to the banned areas list, said traditional owners and farmers would have the right to say no to oil and gas production from fracking on their land.

To find out more about the report and its finding, CAAMA' Teghan Hughes spoke with Rod Campbell from the Australia Institute. To hear the full interview ... Click below --->

By Teghan Hughes