Stories From Mbantwe Alice Springs' NAIDOC Marketplace

12th Jul 2018
The NAIDOC Week marketplace was held on the 29th of June at Alice Springs' Yeperene Shopping Centre. The day included many speeches, stalls and information for people in town to learn about Aboriginal-led organisatons working around Central Australia. Philippe Perez headed out to interview some stallholders and speak to some amazing local women in the audio below.

Margo Northy - Engagement Manager for the Nationwide Empowered Communities project in the based in the NPY Lands.

Sarah Carmody - Sports & Health Coordinator at Central Australian Aboriginal Congress also has a leading role in the RedTails PinkTails Right Tracks program

Vanessa Farrelly - Pertame Language Researcher (Pertame School)

Dr Patricia Miller AO - Senior Arrente Woman speaking at the Yeperenye Market Day