Mūgūŋ & Gun: Restoring New England - A Reclamation of History in the Anaiwan Frontier Wars

30th Jan 2018

Two researchers at the University of New England have released a magazine detailing the frontier wars in the New England region of NSW. The publication aims to be a reclamation of history. 

After months of research, postgraduate student at the University of New England Callum Clayton-Dixon & artist Gabbi Briggs, who are part of the Ambēyaŋ community have produced a book outlining the Tableland Frontier Wars from 1832 to the mid-1840s.

The magazine, released at a Survival Day event in Armidale NSW contains up to 50 excerpts from archival newspaper articles, government reports, books, and station diaries all outlining a history of killings & massacres in the area as well as resistance from the Aboriginal community in the region. The publication is set to be the first in a number of publications outlining the history of the Frontier Wars in the area.

The magazine is released as part of the Anaiwan Language Revival Program, a community-based and community-driven project of the local Aboriginal community.

Philippe Perez speaks with Ambēyaŋ man and postgraduate student at UNE, and founding member of the Anaiwan Language Revival Program.