Proposed Changes for the Australian Justice System to reduce Aboriginal Incarceration rates

15th Mar 2018

Australia’s Aboriginal incarceration rates are some of the most shocking in the world…  And according to the President of the Law Council of Australia, Morry Bailes - discrimination is a major factor contributing to these rates along with mandatory sentencing laws, imprisonment due to unpaid fines and people on remand being kept in custody.

Over the last decade, the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in prison has risen 88%, with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders now 13 times more likely to end up in prison than non-indigenous Australians.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women now make up 34% of the female prison population which is a 148% increase since 1991… 

The Law Council of Australia is working to address the problem and recently released paper 'The Justice Project' which focuses on disadvantage in Australia and how those living in remote and rural areas often suffer inequality.

Mr Bailes spoke with CAAMA's Teghan Hughes about Aboriginal incarceration, proposed justice targets, what laws need to be modified for different locations and the role of the Law Council of Australia in making this happen.…

[Photo source: RTRFM 92.1]

By Teghan Hughes