Professor Felicity Gerry QC: Zak Grieve's Shortened Sentence Is 'Bittersweet'

21st Dec 2018

In 2013 Aboriginal Man Zak Grieve was sentenced to life for his role in the murder of a man at Katherine even though evidence showed that was not present when the crime took place.

The trial judge Justice Dean Mildren found two other men had attempted to recruit Mr Grieve to commit the crime with them, but he pulled out of the plot at the last minute. But under the Northern Territory's mandatory sentencing laws the judge was required to impose the life sentence.

Mr Grieve’s family lodged a mercy plea with the Administrator Vicki O'Halloran, who has the powers of a state governor. On Thursday she authorised a reduction of Grieve's sentence to 12 years, making him eligible for release in 2023.

Mr Grieve’s barrister, Professor Felicity Gerry QC spoke to Philippe Perez regarding the decision in the below audio.