Centralian College Students Following Their Dreams

16th Aug 2018

11 students from the Centralian Middle & Secondary Schools have returned from a trip to Cairns to learn about environmental practices in the local area.
The students expanded their own knowledge after visiting the Great Barrier Reef & rainforest areas near Cairns where local Aboriginal land rangers explained to students about the basic knowledge required to care for country. 

The trip was part of a Federally Government Funded school program called Follow The Dream that helps students choose a career in a field that inspires them, with further study at either post-school tertiary level, or employment. It is overlooked by the Graham Polly (Farmer) Foundation, aiming to give better outcomes for young Aboriginal people who want to pursue the careers that they want.

In this audio we hear from Centralian Collage Students Declan Miller & Seraphina Russell along with teacher & co-ordinator Virginia Morley.