Bond Uni's Rekisha Satour - The Challenges Of Relocation For First Nations University Students

29th Nov 2018

The Bond University Indigenous Gala held on the Gold Coast recently has this year raised sum of almost $400,000 towards educational opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. 

The University say that the funds will be able to 15 scholarship opportunities for First Nations students in 2019, across a number of areas of study, including business, law, psychology. 

A student who has benefited from a Bond Uni scholarship in the past is a Wol-Ngan'giwumurri woman Rekisha Satour. She was born in Mbantwe Alice Springs but found herself on a journey travelling far & wide across the country to eventually study psychology at the university. 

She spoke to Philippe Perez about her work in helping other Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students settling into uni life & started the conversation by telling her own story.

Picture: Indigenous Gala hosts Jeremy Donovan & Rekisha Satour: Pic Credit: Bond University