THE 2017 NIMA's

16th Aug 2017

After Dr G Yunupingu died last month, Indigenous hip hop artist, actor and writer Adam Briggs – one half of AB Original, with MC/producer Trials – penned a tribute for Rolling Stone, describing his friendship with the man who he had met in 2013.

“As much as he was a virtuoso, [he] was also a loving, humorous and gentle person. He was a consummate showman, but also of the boys,” Briggs wrote. “To me, Dr G was an anomaly, not an enigma or the mystic ‘figure of the dreamtime’ ... I find these descriptions kind of a disservice to the actual person he was.”

AB Original won two awards at the National Indigenous Music awards (Nimas) in Darwin on Saturday night, but the public concert was dominated by memories of and tributes to Yunupingu. (Courtesy The Guardian)

Troy Cassar-Daly was the other big winner of the night.