Kudij Karrilyi (Part 1) - The Rally + Speech and poem by Eleanor Dixon

17th Oct 2017

The first ever Aboriginal rally in the Northern-Territory-Stuart-highway town of Elliot has just taken place…

But what has brought the people the the streets???

Well, various clan groups who share songlines through the area, have come together to share their concerns about the Fracking industry, and the potential threat of the 6,000 proposed drilling sites into the underground gas resivour of the Beetaloo Basin. This is in light of the government issuing permits to three major mining companies to create gas fields over this area surrounding the homes of the Mudburra, Jingili and others living in the area. 

The rally was a part of an event named Kudji Karrilyi - meaning Stand Strong on Country and was a gathering hosted by the Mudburra people of Elliot and Marlija Community, in the Northern Territory. It was attended by representatives of the Warlpiri, Jingili, the area of Muckaty, the gulf community of Borroloola, as well as regional towns of Katherine and Tennant Creek.  

Many countrymen and women addressed the crowd with their concerns and messages about the threat to country and culture the fracking industry imposes, with risks including the decimation of songlines particularly water dreaming songlines, water contamination, major health risks, environmental destruction and the damage of eco systems.

In this piece we hear the Kudij Karrilyi Rally in action before being Welcomed onto Country by Traditional Owner Beverly Wilson. We then hear from the powerful Mudburra woman Eleanor Dixon, a local 26 year old musician from Marlinja Community in the Northern Territory. She was one of the key organisers for Kudij Karrilyi and she delivers and inspiring speech and poem about her family's struggle for their land.

Note: On 14 September 2016, the Northern Territory Government implemented a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing of unconventional gas reservoirs. The moratorium will remain in place until the Government has considered the outcomes of a comprehensive independent scientific inquiry into the social and environmental impacts of hydraulic fracture stimulation.