We're still up against people who think they know what's best !

20th Apr 2016

 A powerful  message to Australian Governments  from one of the most influential women in the  country  working   to improve the  the lives of those living in remote Aboriginal communities.

June Oscar ,Chief Executive Officer, of  the  Marninwarntigura Fitzroy Women’s Resource Centre has  voiced her  concerns about  the ongoing reluctance of  Government to  include Aboriginal people in the decision making processes that impact on her people. 

Speaking on CAAMA Radio Ms Oscar  says  while people  across  Aboriginal  communities are able to live  work and participate  in their communities  they are also capable of stepping out and been a part of the bigger  world  and being a  player in what is modern reality with all of its complexities   

Ms  Oscar was a keynote speaker at the recent Caring for Country Kids Conference held in Alice Springs.