Expert believes community mob hold the key to closing the health gap !

25th May 2016

Australia's  only medical research  Institute  dedicated to improving the health and well being of Aboriginal people is calling for  for a systems response  and not " little individual pilot projects" to deliver the answers and solutions necessary to close the health gap.

Professor Alan Cass from the Territory based Menzies School of Health Research  says a really strong driver of the gap in life expectancy  and real impact on people living in communities  is the burden of  chronic disease and its impact  on mental health and well being.

Professor Cass says in the fundamental areas of research  it is vital  primary care services  seek the understanding and input  of people living in   community... if meaningful solutions  are to be developed.

Kidney Health Australia released their annual State of the Nation report which highlights the worst affected areas of kidney disease  across the country. The report  found 20 per cent of NSW adults live with signs of chronic kidney disease.

 Director of the Menzies School of Health Research Prof. Alan Cass says while knowledge surrounding kidney disease has improved the report failed  to look closely at the rates of kidney disease in remote Aboriginal communities.

These communities  continues to see the highest rates of kidney disease in the nation.