Country Health SA launch their reconciliation action plan with a focus on engagement with Aboriginal people.

1st Jun 2016

 The State Governments peak rural health body in South Australia says its new Reconciliation Action Plan aims to improve the health outcomes and life expectancy of  local Aboriginal people.

Country Health SA CEO Maree Geraghty, says while the health gap is a difficult task to tackle,  engagement with Aboriginal people and organisations is key to moving forward.

Ms Geraghty  told CAAMA radio  that while the  plan wants to improve the cultural awareness of health providers, implement preventative and treatment measures as well as supporting and encouraging healthy lifestyles input from  Aborignal people is also important.

With more than half of the South Australian Aboriginal population residing in rural South Australia, Country Health SA  has  launched its  reconciliation action plan in Port Lincoln.

Image courtesy of playford family medical.