CAAMA News 29-08-2016

29th Aug 2016

The Labor Party  has swept  back into Government in the Northern Territory and with 54 per cent of the vote counted  is  likely to  win 18  of the 25 seats and the outgoing  CLP only three seats.

Independents could outnumber members of the Country Liberals party in the new parliament.

Northern Terrritory  Chief Minister-designate, Michael Gunner says  Territorians chose to put their faith in his team while

outgoing  Chief Minister Adam Giles blaming disunity in his party for a result which saw the CLP heavily  punished.

Residents in the Northern Territory community of Yuendumu are threatening legal action following a survey of 42 houses which found almost 70% of the homes require emergency repairs.

Traditional owners from a Northern Territory community of Timber Creek have been awarded compensation for lost native title rights.